Friday, May 15, 2015

Week 1

Hi everyone!
     Emily the Intern here! I am an interior design student at the University of Southern Mississippi but I'm interning for the summer with Innerspaice Architectural Interiors in historic downtown Mobile, AL. Innerspaice has 7 employees and as far as I can tell, this is the set-up:
Jim is our Principal, Josh is the Director of Design (my boss), Bonnie is the sales manager, Jessica is a designer, Erin is a designer, Wayne is the project manager, Kelly is the administrative assistant...and then there's me: the Intern. Innerspaice sells mostly Haworth products, but also uses other lines such as Global, National, and OFS in their design solutions. They do new projects, renovations, and also solely furniture sales.
     On my first day (May 14th) I walked up and was greeted at the door by our traveling rep, Richie (Innerspaice is also in Fort Walton, FL and Birmingham, AL). I walked in, shook his hand and introduced myself saying, "Hi, I'm Emily! The Intern." In return he said, "Hi Emily the Intern." So...that is why I've named my blog Emily the Intern. Kinda catchy, huh?
     On my first day I was thrown right in and started organizing the resource library.You can imagine my thought process when I was told that would be my first assignment. However, there is much joy to be found even in the little things. So..even in my nice 'first day of work' outfit I was on the floor in the vault (our space used to be a car dealership in the 20's so our resource library is a literal vault) organizing the samples, separating them into the correct categories, and filing them away.
     As unimportant and mundane as that task seems, I found  a lot joy in organizing and making our vault functional and user-friendly. And darn if all that organizing didn't come in handy when Jim handed me a company logo color (the brightest shade of blue I had ever seen in my life) and told me to find some fabrics to match it. I literally went through every fabric folder, every box of swatches, and every drawer of memos we had searching for the perfect color and pattern. Knowing where everything was came in really handy while searching for the right shade of blue in a bold pattern for the tuxedo chair going in the C Spire office lobby. I found some Jim really liked so we're going to show the client on Monday!
    My first day on the job I also got to sit in on a client meeting with Erin. We met with an independent designer who is hiring us to do the furniture specifications for the renovation of ServisFirst Bank in downtown Mobile. She brought in the plans and we took notes on what furniture is needed and what the existing building looks like. I'm going with Erin on the site visit Tuesday, so stay tuned for more on the ServisFirst Bank!
     Today was my second day and I actually got to do the finish board for the C Spire project! Jessica, the designer for the project, gave me the list of finishes so I pulled them from the resource library and began mounting them foam core board. Pictures to come!
     That's a wrap on the short, but sweet week one of my internship!
Haworth love and mine,
Emily the Intern

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