Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 2

Hello, hello!
Playing catch up for week 2--longggg, busy week. On Wednesday, I attended a CEU seminar with one of the designers here at Innerspaice. I lovingly call CEUs Lunch-n-learns, which is what we call them in college. I walked in and low and behold my dear, sweet, friend was there! Haley Straub! We were so excited to see a familiar face we hugged for a good 2 minutes. Also...as you can see in the photo below, we matched! Even down to the jewelry color.  How cute is that? While we were there we also got to network with the other Interior Designers in the Mobile area. It was awesome to see so many creative people in one place! I even got to see another designer I interviewed with at TAG. Networking is so important in our field. We heard presentations from Steelcase, DesignTex, Tandus-Centiva, and WilsonArt.

As you probably already saw, I was at the Mayor's office at the beginning of the week...then at the end I went to the Mobile Airport Authority with Erin! Which, in its own right, is a little less exciting, but nonetheless important. We brought chairs for them to test out for the new design of their conference rooms.

{Side story, the woman we were corresponding with, and who tested out the chairs was asking me about my internship and where I went to school. When I told her Southern Miss, she told me she was a Southern Miss alum, which was really cool. And then...she asked me if I was in a sorority and when I told her I was a Chi Omega she jumped up and hugged me because she is a Chi Omega alum too! How fun is that!? Making connections all around Mobile...}

Wednesday afternoon I worked on the Palmer Hyundai business office in AutoCAD and drew up the plan that Bonnie had hand-sketched. After lots of trial and error, AutoCAD and I became friends again and an extended breakup. :)

Thursday we had a meeting with our client from the Mayor's office as well as the client for ServisFirst bank and we went over the plans for the bank to decide what furniture she needed as well as the finishes for the flooring, walls, and task chairs. After the meeting Erin and I compiled binders with the furniture brochures and labeled them so that we know what furniture we've chosen for each room and to keep us organized.

Haworth love and mine,

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