Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 3

Hello, hello!
I'll have to do this quickly because I am SWAMPED in work this week! Four-day weeks are nice, but I still have 5 days worth of work to get done, so it's also stressful! Tuesday I worked on submitting a proposal for a government project. I had to create spreadsheets of the products we needed to be sent off to get a quote.
Wednesday I had a meeting at ServisFirst Bank downtown and we met with the president of the bank to go over the furniture and finishes we picked out. The meeting went really well, though we still have a long way to go! The client is trying to stray away from super traditional, but at the same time it's a bank, so it still has to be conservative. It is quite a challenge to incorporate both of those things!
Later Wednesday afternoon I accompanied one of the designers to the Mobile Airport Office building that was newly renovated. We looked at the offices and field-measured so that I can draw them up in AutoCAD and get some ideas for the layouts of the desks.
After that, we went to PMOA to field measure their space for 20 new cubicles and movable walls! It was my first one to field measure for an actual project and it's harder than you think!
I'll give you an update tomorrow.
Haworth love and mine,
Emily the Intern

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