Thursday, June 11, 2015

Week 5

CIDA Standard 5: Collaboration

I’ve seen a lot of collaboration between the employees of Innerspaice both within the firm and with other disciplines. I’ll start with collaboration within our firm and then expand out. Every Wednesday morning at 9 AM we have a staff meeting to discuss projects that are ongoing as well as the project we’ve completed. Erin and Bonnie tell the staff about their sales and what is shipping when, so that our project managers will all be on the same page. Then, the design team gives a report on what they’re working on and when certain deadlines are. Today I gave my report: Servis1st Bank CAD drawings due Monday, Servis1st finish board due Monday, REEL office drawings due Friday, 911 Call center drawings due ASAP, Morgan Van Lines drawing options due next week, acoustical wall covering estimate for Dr. Trey’s dental clinic, acoustical furniture specs for the dental clinic, and…blogging twice a week on top of a research paper.

We also collaborate in some design projects with architects. I was in contact with the architect for the Servis1st project this week regarding their files for the project. They graciously sent them to me so that I could drop in and specify our furniture.

Our project managers also work with electricians when they are doing install drawings for workstations and movable walls so that we are ensured to have power to each work station.

Okay I need to get back to work now…I’m busy, busy, busy. 

Haworth love and mine,

Emily the Intern 

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