Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 7

     Bonnie and I are working on adding acoustical products to a dentist office in Fairhope. While there we field measure for wall covering and I've had the joy of estimating the wall covering. Woohoo. ;) However, we had to collaborate with an acoustical specialist to see what the best product would be and how much of the product we need!
     I also do a lot of collaborating with sales reps. I contact them to get pricing for different jobs and for more information on a product. They also come by the office and give us presentations on new product lines and features. Sales reps include textile reps as well. I've had to call and reserve fabric for projects multiple times so I collaborate with them to see how much they have in stock and how long they can reserve it for me.

That's all for now!
Haworth love and mine,

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