Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 6

Hi, hello, hola!

     I have been super busy this week with multiple projects from banks to dentist offices to trucking line offices! And other little things in between. My most time-consuming project so far has been Servis 1st bank in downtown Mobile, only a block from our office! We are working with the designer from the bank, Sarah McCoy. Erin and I specified all the furniture for the first and second floors and Sarah, Erin, and I spent hours over the course of a few days picking out the finishes for the furniture.

      I then gathered all the furniture symbols and began space planning. I put all the furniture into the space and had to incorporate some of the existing furniture in the upstairs offices. I then helped Erin get the pricing together and create binders and a finish board for Sarah to present to the board of trustees at the bank for final approval. She said the meeting went well, so we'll see what the verdict is next week!

This is Sarah, our client. In this photo we are going over the
furniture plan and agreeing on layouts for the conference room and break room. 

This is the finish board I created for their board
 meeting on Monday!

Stay tuned for more! I'm sharing about my experience 
at the trucking company tomorrow!
Haworth love and mine, 
Emily the Intern

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