Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 5

Hi friends!

      Another post about collaboration-- CIDA says so. Hehe..However, collaboration is one of the most important part about my job as a designer. and it's not just collaboration among my colleagues who are designers, it's collaboration between all the professions that work together to make up a space-- from the architect to the designer to the engineer to the electrician even down to the installers, communication is key..
     Innerspaice helped design Palmer's Toyota dealership in Mobile, AL and I was able to go with Bonnie to the installer visit. We collaborated with the installers to make sure the furniture would be delivered and installed in the correct place at the correct time next Monday.
      I listened intently as Bonnie explained to the installer what to do. She prepared the space and worked out the logistics of where to park the 18-wheeler, what items needed to be moved in first, what items would be stored for Phase II, and how the install drawings would be laid out. Thankfully, she works with the same installing company often and has formed a good relationship with the company managers, so they know what she expects and she trusts them to do a good job.

That's all for now. Night night

Haworth love and mine,
Emily the Intern

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